The best times for our country are yet to come

Dear friends,

This is the sixth consecutive time that I am standing as a candidate in a general election. Once again, I am asking you to allow me the privilege to serve as your representative in Parliament and, if given the opportunity, also as Minister.

When in December 2014, the Prime Minister entrusted me with the Home Affairs and National Security portfolio, I took up my ministerial duties with a sense of  commitment and responsibility. Every single day I gave it my all, bearing one objective in mind – that of delivering concrete achievements.

I am proud that, in as far as Home Affairs and National Security are concerned, we succeeded in fulfilling almost all the pledges we had made in the run up to the 2013 general election. My team and I have worked incessantly so that you and your families can enjoy greater peace of mind. Following considerable investment in the procurement of the necessary tools and equipment, the Armed Forces, the Police Force, the Civil Protection Department, as well as the Corrective Facility have been strengthened. In addition, special emphasis was put on improving human resources within these forces and providing them with continuous professional training.

We are halfway there. We are determined to continue building on the success achieved so far, with the aim of bringing about even better results that will benefit all. Let us continue along the same path towards a better future, for the best times for our country are yet to come.



Date of birth: 10th February 1972

1990 – 2014: Manager at Mid Med Bank Ltd / HSBC Bank Malta plc.

1994 – 1996: Local councillor at Żejtun.

1996: Was elected Member of Parliament for the first time, and was re-elected in every sunsequent election. In this capacity he served as Opposition Assistant Whip, as well as Cashier and Secretary of the Opposition parliamentary group.

1998 – 2003: Opposition Spokesperson on Youth and Sport.

2003 – 2008: Opposition Main Spokesperson for Education Youth, Sports and Culture.

2003 – 2010: Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives

2008 – 2013: Opposition Main Spokesman for Industry and Foreign Investment, and subsequently for Social Policy.

2013 – 2014: Whip of the Government Parliamentary Group.

2013 – 2015: Member on the House of Representatives’ Standing Committee on House Business.

2013 – 2016: Regional Representative on the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

2013 – 2016: Head Of Delegation of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

2013 – 2016: Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE.

2014: Government Spokesperson at the Office of the Prime Minister.

2014 – present: Minister for Home Affairs and National Security.

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